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Thursday, 12 June 2014

Parks around Han River in Seoul, Part V: Banpo Hangang Park

Banpo Hangang Park (Hanja: 盤浦漢江公園) in 40 New Banpo Road 11th Street/SinBanporo 11-gil, Banpo 2-dong 115-5 beonji, Seoul Seocho-gu is located south of the Han River beside Banpo-Jamsu Bridge. Banpo park is famous for the water light fountain show which is held at night. Banpo Park has a wonderful artificial island called Seoraeseom. Seoraeseom is connected to the park by 3 bridges. The island is full of rape seed flowers and festivals in the summer and can be a great place for a walk or to take photographs. Recently 3 small islands with a building on each was opened. The islands are called the Floating Islands. They will be used for conferences, art exhibitions, cultural events and for water sport activities. It is here that Screens are set up along the Banpo banks to watch the big sporting events such as world cup matches, also concerts are held here.

Located in the southern end of the riverside between Banpo-Jamsu Bridge and Dongjak Bridge, Banpo Park of 6.4km stretch is adjacent to Seocho-gu and Dongjak-gu and is surrounded by the Banpo Apartment Complex and the Express Bus Terminal. With benches under the weeping willows alongside the riverbanks, an esplanade with spreading the fields of reed is attracting many young couples to walk through. Especially, this place is a favorite place for the fishing enthusiasts since there are a lot of carps and Prussian carps. Water skiing and motor boating also are very enjoyable. Furthermore, the bicycle track is suitable for long distance biking, for it is connected with Jamwon, Jamsil and Yeouido districts.

The Rainbow Fountain built on both sides of Banpo Bridge is registered 2008 in The Guinness Book of Records as the longest bridge fountain in the world with the total length of 1,140m. The bridge starts from Banpo Hangang Riv. Park created under the project of Hangang Renaissance Project. At night, over 200 lightings creates a fantastic view of a beautiful rainbow.

Plus, there are sports facilities including Bubble Playground, Inline Skating Track, soccer field, and basketball court. You may also enjoy the gorgeous view of Hangang river and sky scrapers on the riverside from Gureum and Noeul café, lookout places located on the southernmost part of Dongjak Bridge.

Seoraeseom which connects from Banpo Hangang Park is an artificially created island to provide refreshing and leisure place for Seoul urbanites. Every spring, the place is flooded with waves of rape flowers and people to enjoy picnic and spring events like ‘Seoraeseom Butterfly, Rate Flowers Festival’.

There are plenty of sporting facilities, exercise areas and activities to keep you busy for the whole day. On the weekends the grass areas near the river banks are full with families having picnics and children playing in the playground. Couples enjoy renting and cycling tandem bicycles along the bike trail.

Seoul Metro 9 runs around the Banpo Hangang Park, there are four stations to choose by stopping at the park; Stations 923, 922, 921 and 920: Express Bus terminal (Gosok Terminal-yeok/고속터미널역/高速터미널驛)=Interchange to SMRT Line 7: Station 734 and KORAIL-Seoul Metro Line 3: Station 339 - SinBanpo - GuBanpo - Dongjak (Seoul National Cemetery)=Interchange to KORAIL-Seoul Metro Line 4: Station 431.