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Thursday, 12 June 2014

Parks around Han River in Seoul, Part IV: Jamwon Hangang Park

Jamwon Hangang Park (Hanja: 蠶院漢江公園) in 221-124 Jamwon Avenue/Jamwonno, Jamwon-dong 121-8 beonji, Seoul Seocho-gu is located beside and connected to Banpo Hangang Park in the neighboring precinct of Banpo-dong. Jamwon Park is located south of the Han River. The park is 5.4 kilometers in length. At Jamwon Hangang Park there is an outdoor swimming pool which is open from July to August and costs 3,000 won. There are also plenty of water sports activities for people to enjoy, an in-line skate area, a bike trail and a fitness area. For people looking to take a break from their busy week you can rest in the many field areas or visit the flower garden. At night,  people like to sit along the banks at the Han River to play music and drink.

Located in the southern end of the riverside between Hannam Bridge, this park is adjacent to Seoul Gangnam-gu where the luxurious shopping complexes and amusement quarters such as Apgujeong-dong and Sinsa-dong in Seoul Gangnam-gu, and Jamwon-dong in Seoul Seocho-gu are located. 

There are a variety of physical training facilities such as running tracks and training grounds on the waterside so that many people for morning exercise make good use of those facilities. Especially, the 6.3km long bicycle track is a perfect for the bikers enough to enjoy the scenic beauties of the Han River and to feel breeze from the river. Since the outdoor swimming pool is located in the downtown, it is very convenient for transportation. And the number of people enjoying the water sports, such as water skiing, wind surfing and motor boating are increasing gradually. In addition, this park has a tennis court for handicapped people's exclusive use.

The riverside area of the park has sports facilities including athletic tracks, soccer field, volleyball court, swimming pool, tennis court and a gym. Plus, there is a perfect bike land along the river side where you may enjoy the beautiful secenery of Han River while biking.

Moreover, there are natural experience field for silkworms, flowers and butterflies. In the summer, people often visit here to enjoy exciting summer water sports like swimming, windsurfing, motorboat riding and more.

KORAIL-Seoul Metro Line 3 runs around the Jamwon Hangang Park, there are four stations to choose by stopping at the park; Stations 336~339: Apgujeong - Sinsa - Jamwon - Express Bus terminal (Gosok Terminal-yeok/고속터미널역/高速터미널驛)=Interchange to SMRT Line 7: Station 734 and Seoul Metro 9: Station 923.