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Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Parks around Han River in Seoul, Part II: Jamsil Hangang Park

Jamsil Hangang Park (Hanja: 蠶室漢江公園) in 1 Jamsil-dong, Seoul Songpa-gu is located in the southern end of the riverside between Jamsil Railway Bridge and Yeongdong Bridge past Seongnaecheon stream and Jamsil Sujungbo reservoir, this park, which is a 4.8km long and 489,800 sq m wide is near to the Jamsil Sports Complex, the Lotte World, and the Olympic Park. Above all, since it is equipped with a variety of sports and grand leisure facilities, this is the best place for sports Also, a wrecker depository was transformed into the Youth Plaza so that many youth are enjoying basketball and doing in-line skating in this place. 

In summer, the outdoor swimming pool is so popular with many people to enjoy seeing the view of riverside and to suntan as well. With various species of flowers and trees, the Natural Working Field is a perfect place for children' study and family picnics. Besides, to ride the sightseeing boat will give another fascinating experience of enjoying a night view of Seoul.

The nature experience field created within the park is the perfect place for fieldtrips as well as family picnics. One of the biggest features of the Jamsil Hangang Park is the fishway in the Jamsil Water Reserve. Not only is it a great place to appreciate the beauty of the Hangang River, but it is also a place where visitors can learn more about nature through the diversity of eco-programs offered here. Near the fishway is a themed park equipped with wind vanes, walking paths, and underwater plant islets which serve as a resting place for fish. From ‘Riverview Bom’, a lookout café located on Jamsil Bridge, you may enjoy the fantastic night view of the Hangang River.

At Jamsil Hangang Park you can find the Nature Learning Centre. The centre is used to provide educational learning experiences to children about flowers and the surrounding environment. You will never be bored at Jamsil Hangang Park with the amount of sports facilities available. There is a swimming pool, football field, running track, bike trail and many different types of courts.

Seoul Metro Line 2 runs around the Jamsil Hangang Park, there are four stations to choose by stopping at the park; Stations 215~218: Jamsillaru (former name: Seongnae Station) - Jamsil (Seoul Songpa-gu Office)=Interchange to SMRT Line 8: Station 814 - Sincheon - Sports Complex (Jonghap Undongjang-yeok/종합운동장역/綜合運動場驛)=Interchange to Seoul Metro 9: Station 930 [Scheduled to be opened in December 2014].