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Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Nonhyeonpodae Battery, Incheon Namdong-gu: Turbulent Years of Joseon Dynasty (1866~1876), Part III

The Nonhyeonpodae Battery (Hanja: 論峴布袋) in Nonhyeon-dong 415-56 beonji, Incheon Namdong-gu was built in 1879 by General Shin Jung-hee and Governor Lee Gyeong-ha as part of efforts to expand the military facilities and prevent enemy forces from entering Seoul via the coast. After French Byeongin Invasion in 1866 and Shinmi American Invasion in 1871, the Korean government deemed it necessary to reinforce military defenses around the Yeonan area of Gyeonggi.

The lower part of Nonhyeonpodae Battery was built with broken stones, while the middle and upper parts were built with trimmed stones. The uppermost part was finished with sealing. When the Podae was first built, it was named Hogupodae (호구포대), following the name of the area. Today, however, the name has changed to Nonhyeonpodae Battery. Two gun platforms still remain as indicators of the original structure.