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Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Incheon Chinatown, Incheon Jung-gu: Soju Time for PSY and Snoop Dogg

Incheon's Chinatown area in the administrative precinct of Bukseong-dong (Legal Precincts: Bukseong-dong 1~3-ga/북성동1~3가 and Seollin-dong/선린동), Incheon Jung-gu came into being with the opening of the Jemulpo Port in 1883 and Incheon's designation as an extraterritoriality of the Qing Dynasty. In the past, the area held many stores trading goods imported from China, but most Chinese businesses are now restaurants. 

In 1884, the Qing Empire entered a concession contract for this area and Chinese emigrants moved here. The Chinese residents who live in this area up to today have experienced many hardships, similar to the complicated modern history of Korea. The culture of Chinatown is very unique, combining the culture of China together with Korean Culture.

Today, the Chinese residents of Chinatown are mostly 2nd or 3rd generations of early Chinese settlers. While not all traditional cultures of the first generation have been preserved, the area still harbors many of the flavors of China. For your information, PSY and Snoop Dogg's MV entitled Hangover was taken in this area.

PSY and Snoop Dogg's One Shot inside a Certain Chinese Restaurant at Incheon Chinatown