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Thursday, 5 June 2014

Duryu Park, Daegu Dalseo-gu: Home of Daegu Tower and Daegu Students' Uprising Memorial Tower

Duryu Park (Hanja: 頭流公園) in Duryu 3-dong, Daegu Dalseo-gu was built near Mount Duryu and Mount Geumbong in 1977. The park is home to Daegu Tower (the tallest observation tower in Korea), Ubang Tower Land, Daegu Culture and Arts Center, and numerous other cultural and leisure facilities. The park is a favorite relaxation spot for many Daegu citizens. 

There are over 133 species of trees and plants in the park, including flowers that bloom along the roadsides throughout the year. In summer, one of the most popular attractions is Osaek Fountain in the cathedral pond. 

Major facilities include soccer and baseball fields, a gymnasium, a swimming pool, tennis courts, an in-line skating rink, a golf course, and a judo center. In addition to sports facilities, there are also a variety of cultural attractions: Duryu Library, Sculpture Hill, Daegu Students' Uprising Memorial Tower, an outdoor concert hall, Cathedral Pond Osaek Fountain, Daeseongsa Temple, Geumyongsa Temple, and Byeokcheon Falls. 

Of course the best view of Duryu Park (and indeed of Daegu) is from the top of the tower or from one of the gondolas on the Tower Skyway which leave from the E-World amusement park and carry you above the rides up to the base of the tower.  

The park is open year round and there are 2,500 parking spaces available for E-world or tower guests for about 2,000 won. Tower Restaurant guests get 2 hours of free parking. This park is accessible by using DTRO Line 2 (green line) to Station 226: Duryu Station.