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Sunday, 8 June 2014

Bridges in Seoul, Part XII: Hannam Bridge - Back to the 80s, Lads.

Errr.... we don't say that Gin's hands are amputated after being chomped off by this Haechi....
The Hannam Bridge (Hanja: 漢南大橋) is a girder bridge over the Han River, South Korea. It connects from Apgujeong-dong, Seoul Gangnam-gu to Hannam-dong, Seoul Yongsan-gu. The bridge is heavily congested with traffic, with both gu being busy business districts. The principal boulevard of this bridge is Gangnam Boulevard (강남대로/江南大路/Gangnam-daero).

It was called the Third Hangang Bridge (Je-sam Hangang-gyo; Hangul: 제3한강교) until 1985, when its name was changed to the current name. A trot song "Jesamhanganggyo" was popularized by Hye Eun-Yi in 1979.

It is a part of the Asian Highway Network AH1. The Southern Bound of the bridge links to the Interstate 1: Gyeongbu Expressway, connecting from Hannam IC to EXIT 1: Guseo IC in Busan Buk-gu. However, Korea National Expressway Corporation passes control of the northernmost 9 km stretch of expressway (between Yangjae IC and Hannam Bridge) to the Seoul Metropolitan Government in December 2002 and became as National Route No. 37.

This is the trot song entitled Third Hangang Bridge by Hye Eun-yi. Feast your ears, folks!