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Thursday, 22 May 2014

Solmaru-gil, Ulsan Nam-gu: Eco Road in Ulsan Metropole

Solmaru-gil, an ‘eco path of Ulsan’ that connects the people with mother nature, is a 24-km urban circuit walk that starts from Seonam Lake Park in Seonam-dong, Ulsan Nam-gu and connects with Mount Shinseon, Mount Daegongwon in Ulsan Grand Park, Munsu International archery range, Solmaru Haneul-gil, Mount Samho and Mount Namsan.

There are four sectors in this trail which are Mount Shinseon sector (4km), Ulsan Grand Park sector (10km), Mount Samho (6km) and Mount Namsan (4km). Climbing up to the top of Sinseonjeong Pavilion on Mount Shinseon, you may enjoy the wide, breathtaking view of Seonam Lake Park. The route to Mount Daegongwon is gradual, rather than steep, and the thick pine tree forest offers a great spot for a forest bath. Since the road connects mountains with the city, it offers easy access and diverse walking routes to Ulsanese Citizens.

Be advised that the trail will be not safe to walk for the tourists due to Fire Precautionary Period (usually occur during summer season). This is because the trail is vulnerable to forest fire.

Solmaru-gil Trail Map in Korean. Happy trailing!