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Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Skull, HaHa and Kantai Collection Collaboration - Busan Vacance, Part V: Songjeong Beach, Busan Haeundae-gu

Songjeong Beach in Songjeong-dong, Busan Haeundae-gu is the ideal beach for families to swim together because of its shallow waters and fine sand. The white sandy beach stretches for 1.2 km, and covers an area of 62,150 square meters. The sand is a mixture of debris from Songjeong River. The seashell grains that have formed naturally over time, lie beautifully like tiny marbles along the beach. The beach also has the unique feel of the southern region, making the experience all the more fun. 

At the entrance of the beach is the Jukdo, where you can find relaxation facilities in the evergreen groves. You can enjoy fishing as well at the northeast end of the beach. There is also a dock where you can use motorboats and take cruises in the summer. A particularly famous part of the Songjeong Beach is the Songil Pavilion (송일정/松日亭), from where you can get a magnificent view of the sunrise and moonrise. 

Because this beach is a bit out of the Busan area, it is quite unlike many of the other beaches in Busan. Every year the Harvest Full-Moon Seaweed Festival and the Songjeong Beach Festival are held here, and many vacationers come to enjoy the celebrations.