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Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Skull, HaHa and Kantai Collection Collaboration - Busan Vacance, Part VI + Silla Superiority Complex, Part VIII: Taejongdae Park, Busan Yeongdo-gu - Marksmanship Training Site for King Taejong-Muyeol the Great

Designated as a Busan monument, along with Oryuk Islets in Busan Nam-gu, Taejongdae (Hanja: 太宗臺) in 209 Observatory Road/Jeonmangno, Dongsam-dong san 29-1 beonji, Busan Yeongdo-gu represents Busan, and is especially famous for its rock beach. Featuring its highest peak at 250 meters, there are forests of pine trees and other 200 varieties of trees. Taejongdae was named after the 29th king of Silla Kingdom 57 BCE - 935 CE), King Taejong-Muyeol the Great (604-661). King Taejong had traveled to many places but this was the place he practiced archery in order to improve his marksmanship. 

Under the lighthouse of this resort is a rock called Sinseon Rock, named after the myth that gods and goddesses came down here to relax. At this rock is a figure called Mangbuseok, named after the story of a woman who waited for her husband who had been taken to Japan. Taejongdae is also famous for the ritual of praying for rain, performed when there are droughts, and rain on the 10th of lunar May is called the 'Taejong Rain'. On days with clear skies you can see Japan’s Tsushima Island (Daema-do in Korean) from the observatory.