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Friday, 2 May 2014

Mount Yudal, Mokpo, Southern Jeolla: Principal Mountain in Downtown Mokpo

Mount Yudal (Hanja: 儒達山) is the mountain located at Mokpo City, Southern Jeolla Province of Korean Republic with its elevation 228m above sea level. It belongs to the 8 sceneries of the city as a symbol and pride. At the summit, thousand of islands can be seen with several hills of weird looking rocks. The nickname of the mountain is Mount Gaegol, which refers to Mount Kumgang in North Korea called during summer. 3 highest peaks are called first, second and madang bawi (rock). The momumental limestone lies within the mountain; the first is celebrating Admiral Chungmugong Yi Sunshin, the other for famous singer Lee Nan-young.

At the summit of the mountain visitors can find Nojeok Peak (노적봉) where a statue of Admiral Yi Sunshin stands – this is the landmark where admiral Yi is said to have fooled and scared away the Japanese troops by stacking straw thatches over the rocks making their small army seem like a much larger one. That situation occurred during Japanese Imjin Invasion (1592~1598). There is also a pavilion, the April Revolution Memorial Tower, a monument with lyrics to the song 'Mokpo’s Tears', a Buddhist temple (Mokpo-Dalseongsa), a sculpture park exhibiting some 100 pieces of sculpture, an orchid park and the Dalseong Park with many things to see. These features make the mountain a must-see destination for those visiting the Mokpo region.

The city has brought up the project of city of light, while the mountain also gained shed of nightlights whole around its flora. It has provoked critical rebukement from civil organizations to stop the contaminated pollution of lights for fauna. For example, association of environment in Gwangju and Southern Jeolla chose this incident as the 10th worst attack for environment in 2006.

Mount Yudal Flower festival annually holds event in April or May to call for many people. The spectacle seats when climbing on the summit to look over Dadohae-haesang National Park with hundreds of islands within the scope. The height is not the high whereas the sunset gained quite fame.

Another fame heads to the first built sculpture-theme park in South Korea. In 1982, the park was initiated for outdoor exhibition to attract several donations or lease from the artists. The expiration provoked crisis for the existence of itself, bringing up the city's efforts to persuade other artists and propel the deals. In 2008, the subjects of  'Nature, Culture and Sculpture' was chosen to represent the emblems of Mokpo. To the proximity, the halls for ecology and oriental orchids have opened to public.

Mokpo's Skyline beneath of Admiral Chungmugong Yi Sunshin's silhouette in Mount Yudal