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Friday, 2 May 2014

Mangsang Beach, Donghae, Gangwon Province: Are you expecting for Happiness or Delusion of Persecution?

Mangsang Beach is sought out by many families and tourists, as it is characterized by beautiful white sands, shallow waters, and is located in a neighborhood full of leisure facilities. Mangsang Beach is a beach that represents the east coast, along with Okgye and Gyeongpo Beaches, located in the precinct of Mangsang-dong, Donghae City, Gangwon Province

The beach boasts white sands that stretch out for 1.4 km, a pine tree forest, clear shallow waters, and convenient leisure facilities that attract a constant flow of tourists throughout the four seasons. This area also features a great variety of foods including blue crabs, clams, sea squirts, and flounders.

A thousand stories seemed to be playing out on the beach. Quite a few dates and family outings were happening – it’s a relaxing enough place for either group, or for anyone else that decides to go. Mangsang in Korean literally means Expected Happiness while Pihaemangsang means Delusion of Persecution or simply known as Paranoia

Epik High's Epik Collections of Delusion of Persecution (Pihaemangsang)

Pihaemangsang Part I (Remapping of the Human Soul) featuring Junggigo

Pihaemangsang Part II - Scenario (Map the Soul) featuring MYK

Pihaemangsang Part III (High Society) featuring TBNY

A collaboration by Mutsuki of Kantai Collection and Epik High (Daniel Armand Lee Seon-woong a.k.a Tablo, Choi Jin a.k.a Mithra Jin and Kim Jeong-sik a.k.a DJ Tukutz). Totally EPIK.