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Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Kings of Joseon Dynasty, Part IX: King Seongjong (Yi Hyeol)

King Seongjong of Joseon, previously known as Grand Prince Jalsan (Hanja: 成宗王 [乽山大君]; Born: August 19th 1457 – Died: January 20th 1494; Reigned: December 31st 1469 - January 20th 1494), born Yi Hyeol (이혈/李娎) was the ninth king of the Joseon Dynasty of Korea. He succeeded his uncle, King Yejong in 1469 and ruled until 1494.

He was buried at the Royal Tomb of Seolleung (宣陵), part of the Royal Tomb of Seonjeongneung (선정릉/宣靖陵) in 1 Seolleung Avenue 100th Street/Seolleungno 100-gil, Samseong-dong 135-4 beonji, Seoul Gangnam-gu. His tomb is accessible by either using Seoul Metro Line 2 to Station 220: Seolleung Station OR KORAIL-Bundang Line to Station K214: Seonjeongneung Station (Korean Foundation for the Advancement of Science and Creativity - KOFAC) or K215: Seolleung Station (subway line interchange to Seoul Metro Line 2). He was posthumously known as King Seongjong Gangjeong Inmun Heonmu Heumseong Seonggonghyo the Great (성종강정인문헌무흠성공효대왕/成宗康靖仁文憲武欽聖恭孝大王).

For the detailed information of King Seongjong, please proceed to the post entitled: Inside Changgyeonggung Part I - The Umbilical Cord of King Seongjong.