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Friday, 2 May 2014

Hajodae, YangYang, Gangwon Province: Pavilion of two Founding Members of Joseon Dynasty along with King Taejo Yi Seong-gye

Hajodae (hanja: 河趙臺) in the commune of Hyeonbuk-myeon, YangYang, Gangwon Province sits along a cliff with an old pine tree and overlooks the East Sea. Legend has it the name Hajodae came from the first initials of Ha Ryun (하륜/河崙) and Jo Jun (조준/趙浚), two of the founding members of Joseon Dynasty who stayed nearby during one of their journeys. 

The place is also famous as a TV drama filming spot of Taejo Wanggeon. A walk along the cliff will lead to a white lighthouse near the overpass beside Hajodae. A number of tourists also visit Hajodae for the beautiful sunrise and the beam of light from the lighthouse that appears when darkness falls.

Located at South of Naksansa Temple, along the seashore, is Hajodae Beach, with a water depth of 0.5~1.5m and a fine, white sand beach that stretches for 1.5 km. 

It is 13 km south of YangYang County, and 1 km north of the 38th northern parallel. There’s a pine forest behind the beach and if you follow the seashore from the entrance of the beach for about 1.5 km, there is a pavilion on top of a cliff. This hexagonal pavilion is Hajodae, where it is believed the retainers of the Joseon Period (1392~1910) named Ha Ryun (1347~1416) and Jo Jun (1346~1405) spent their last years in hiding. The flat bottom and low depth of the beach make it a suitable place for family vacations. 

It first opened in 1976, and is now operated as a camping ground and beach. Also in the area are Osaekoncheon (hot springs), Osaekyaksu (natural springs), Naksansa, Seoraksan National Park, Odaesan National Park, Tongiljeonmangdae (reunification observation platform), and Hajodeungdae (lighthouse), etc. Across from Hajodae there is a rock indicating the 38th parallel. 

Fresh water flows into the right side of the beach. The south side is great for fishing because of its bulwark, rock island, and Giamgoiseok (fantastic rocks and stones), and you can see Jo island to the right. On the left side of the beach there is an unmanned white lighthouse. This lighthouse is open from 9am to 7pm and you can enjoy a view of the whole area from the top.

Hajodae is accessible by using Interstate 65: Donghae Expressway and exit to EXIT 39: Hajodae IC.