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Monday, 19 May 2014

Admin's Rants and Shits, Part V: I think... I've done it WRONG. Please forgive me and... don't hate me.

It is rude if I start this commotion without introducing myself. My name is Mohammad Faris bin Mohammad Fadil. Please note that Mohammad Faris is my name and Mohammad Fadil is my father’s name, based on patronymic system. You can call me Faris.

In this month, South Korea dominates the most number of pageviews in my blog entitled Moe Girls’ Korean Story. I feel very rejoiced that there are more Koreans to visit my blog but in the same time, the Korean Naver bloggers keep the resentment against me because of the Main Banner of my Blog that includes Shimakaze of Kantai Collection and Eucliwood Hellscythe of Kore wa Zombie desuka with the background of the big altar of Sewol-ho victims.

In April 16 2014, MV Sewol sank in the shore of Jindo Islets. I feel very sad because there are many school children; majorly from Danwon High School in Ansan Danwon-gu, Gyeonggi Province were perished in this incident. Furthermore, I feel very infuriated with the Captain of the Ship and his crews who give the wrong order: “Stay where ever you are”.  Ironically, they were the one of first survivor of the capsizing vessel. 

I feel very weird, why are they angry to me after I put saddened face of Eucliwood and Shimakaze mourning for the victims of Sewol-ho? Am I lack of self-concern on the sensitive issues of the Koreans? Am I hurting the feelings of the victims’ relatives? Didn’t I realize the Dos and Don’ts on Korean in handling social media? Am I meddling off the Korean issues? These questions are still tingling in my head.

I am not native Korean. I am Malaysian Citizen who adores the Beauty of Korea. I like Japanese manga/anime too. That’s why I associated them with the places throughout Korea. I really want to go there but unfortunately, I don’t have money to go and live there. I want to achieve my dreams on scoring as many as I could in Civil Engineering in Port Dickson Polytechnic, Malaysia and proceed my studies in Korea in the same study field. For your information, I can speak a little bit of Korean. 

I realized that my friend who hails from Daegu, Kwon Deok-hwan/권덕환 scolded me on these pictures and suggested me to apologise to all Koreans and the victims' relatives. Plus, I have replaced with the plain obituary note to Sewol-ho victims and my apology in Korean by using my handwriting. It means:
"To the victims' relatives of the Sewol-ho incident,
I'm sorry for the picture which hurting your heart.
I can speak Korean a little bit but I'm not a Korean Citizen.
It was my fault. I hurt your feelings so... please forgive me."

Thank you, Deok-hwan. Without your advice, I think... I'm in great danger. 
고맙데이, 덕환아. 너의 사항을 아니라면, 나는 대위기에 처했슴니더.

P/S: I can speak a little bit of Gyeongsang Dialect because my Korean friends are coming from Yeongnam-Gyeongsang Region.