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Friday, 18 April 2014

Saseondae, Imsil, Northern Jeolla: The Legend of Four Immortals, Four Fairies and a flock of crows

Saseondae (Hanja: 四仙臺) in 68-7 Saseon 2nd Street/Saseon 2-gil, Gwanchon-ri 222-beonji, Gwanchon-myeon, Imsil County, Northern Jeolla Province located on the bank of Owoncheon Stream in the upper region of Seomjin River. A village within Saseondae which is called Saseonnyeo village, located 8km northbound from Imsil County office in Ido-ri, Imsil-eup and 22km southbound from Jeonju. It is hilly districts surrounded by mountains, which is 220m above sea level. A watercourse, which originated from Mt. Maisan at Jinan, has the shape of river when it comes to Bangsu-ri, Gwanchon-myeon and becomes Owon stream flowing through the myeon from the east to the west. 

Saseondae, which is made up as the beautiful national resort in the breathtaking landscape around Gwanchon-ri, Deokcheon-ri, is highlighted by a lot of people now. Bangsu stream at Bangsu-ri, where some hundred-year-old Guimok trees make up woods along the stream, is one of the place many people love to visit as a natural resting resort. The four villages of Saseonnyeo village are Sigi village, Deokgok village, Nongwon village, and Jucheon village. 

The name Saseondae originates from a legend of four immortals and fairies. The legend has it that two immortals of Mount Maisan in Jinan and two immortals of Mount Unsu in Imsil gathered by Owoncheon Stream to enjoy the beautiful nature. Looking down at the immortals were four fairies, who fascinated by the picturesque scenery of the region, came down from the sky to join the hermits. Since then, the place has been called Saseondae and the stream Owoncheon. 

Unique rock formations, woods and clear water surrounding Saseondae create a magnificent harmony. The Unseojeong Pavilion (Regional Tangible Cultural Asset No. 135) situated in the dense forest of Saseondae also adds beauty to the scenery. Furthermore, visitors to Saseondae may also enjoy the handcrafted works of noted sculptors from the nearby art village in Ogung on display at Saseondae Sculpture Park.

Various events are held around Saseondae every year. In the beginning of April [Folk game contest of eup, myeon], in which events such as yutnoli, seesaw, kicking jegi, Tuho noli, flying kite, rolling hoop, playing top, and jachjigi are held in the square of Saseondae. [National contest of taking a picture of semi-nude], which is a large festival of people interested in the picture to develop the picture art and improving the understanding of semi-nude photography at the sightseeing resort in Saseondae. [The 15th of January by the lunar calendar of praying good harvest to the moon] is held along with supplementary events such as the ceremony of praying to the moon, burning out moon house, playing farming music and big party of Imsil residents on January 15 by the lunar calendar around Saseondae.