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Thursday, 17 April 2014

Samhak Island, Mokpo, Southern Jeolla: Do you feel lonely on this island?

Samhak Island (Hanja/English: 三鶴島/Islet of Three Cranes) is made from reclaimed land in a project started in 2000 producing the circular shape of the three islands. It belongs to the Administrative Precinct of Samhak-dong and its legal precinct of Sanjeong-dong, Mokpo City, Southern Jeolla Province. This island is located near to Mokpo KTX Station. 

Samhak Island has the legend that three women in Mount Yudal who loved a young general became three cranes and fell after their death. The site they fell is believed to become the island. The island has significant importance for Mokpo citizen's culture and emotions. Samhakdo light constructed by Samhakdo restoration business is adding romantic ambience in Mokpo coastal waters.

Samhak Island was the dream of Mokpo residents, along with Mount Yudal, before it became the land it is today. This island is filled with the loneliness of women waiting to see their husbands who voyaged out to sea, the hope of merchants waiting for their fishing boats, and the sorrow of people who have passed away. Samhakdo is a rich area where the people of Mokpo share their emotions.