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Saturday, 19 April 2014

Pungpaejigwan, Jeonju Wansan-gu, Northern Jeolla: The envoys are coming to Jeonju!

The Jeonju Governorate Office a.k.a Jeonju Gaeksa (Hangul/Hanja: 전주객사/全州客舍) is assumed to had been built along with the construction of Jeonju Governorate fortress during the early Joseon Dynasty. It is also recorded that later in the 3rd year of King Seongjong (1473), Jo Geun - the governor of Jeonju Governorate, rebuilt the office with the money left over from building the Jeonju Historic Library. The office is located at 59 Chunggyeong Avenue/Chunggyeongno, Jungang-dong 3-ga 1-beonji, Jeonju Wansan-gu, Northern Jeolla Province.

The Inn was the place to pay homage to the king by keeping a memorial tablet carved with [ㅇ/ieung] letter in the niche of the north wall, in the center of the hall. It was also a place for a messenger from the royal court to stay and to deliver a message from the court. Since it was built on the Royal House of Jeonju Yi Ancestral Area, a horizontal tablet which read from right to left: "Pungpaejigwan (Hanja: 豊沛之館)," one of the old sayings, was laid on it. In the past, the main building was divided into the main Inn and on east-west wing Inn.

Gaeksa or Gaekgwan (객관/客觀) was set up in each village and used as accommodations or a party venue for foreign visitors. During Joseon dynasty, it was used as a religious place in which ancestral tablets were enshrined and traditional rituals toward the Royal Palace were observed on the first day of a month or the day of the full moon.