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Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Lake Yeongnang, Sokcho, Gangwon Province: The Proof of Everlasting Friendship during Silla Dynasty period

Lake Yeongnang (Hanja: 永郞湖) in the precinct of Geumho-dong, Sokcho, Gangwon Province is actually a naturally formed lagoon with watershed area of 1.21 sq km and a circumference of 7.8 km. The name ‘Yeongnang-ho’ originated in Silla Period (57 BC – AD 935), when a young man named Hwarang and his friend Yeongnang were returning from the Mount Kumgang at the present-day DPRK a.k.a North Korea and they encountered a lake. Awestruck at the beauty of the lake they named it after Yeongnang. 

Nearby Lake Yeongnang is a resort with a golf course (Yeongnang Country Club) and canoe rentals, as well as many pedestrian pathways that joggers enjoy in morning. When visiting the lake, one must be sure to stop by the Beombawi Rock; 'Beom' means tiger in English. This rock takes on the form of a tiger. Many visitors climb this rock to enjoy beautiful views of the surrounding area.

Take a bike ride around Lake Yeongnang which takes about an hour on bike to get fully around the lake. Some stops along the way include Beombawi, a rock shaped like a crouched tiger which offers views of downtown, pagodas and temples (e.g: Sokcho-Bogwangsa and Sokcho-Wongaksa).