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Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Incheon Jungdong Post Office, Incheon Jung-gu: The Oldest Post Office in Incheon Metropole

Incheon Jungdong Post Office (Hanja: 仁川中洞郵遞局); located at 189 Jemullyang Avenue/Jemullyangno, Hangdong 6-ga 1-beonji, Incheon Jung-gu (Zip code: 400-036 [Old]/22313 [New]) is the oldest Post Office in Incheon Metropole. The post office was opened for business in 1923 during Japanese Colonisation Period, in prior to the opening of Japanese Consulate in the present-day Incheon Jung-gu Office at 80 Sinpo Avenue 27th Street/Sinporo 27beon-gil, Gwandong 1-ga 9-1 beonji.

It was reopened in January 1st 2005 after the Incheon Central Post Office moved to its own premise at 226 Hambangmoe Avenue/Hambangmoe-ro, Yeonsu 3-dong 581-1 beonji, Incheon Yeonsu-gu on April 25th 2003.

Korean Postal Service started since 1883, seven years after Ganghwa Japan-Korea Treaty of 1876 which forced Joseon-Korea to open the trades to all foreign merchants. 141 years after the introduction of Postal Services in Korea, Korea Post which is under the helm of Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning of the Korean Republic (미래창조과학부/未來創造科學部/Mirae Changjo Gwahak-bu/MSIP) expands its services to postal banking and insurance services instead of the ordinary postal services throughout Mainland Korea and the world.