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Sunday, 13 April 2014

Hallelujah Korea, Part IX: Geumnan Methodist Church, Seoul Jungnang-gu

Geumnan Methodist Church (Hanja/Romanization/Abbreviation: 金蘭監理敎會/Geumnan Gamni Gyohoe/KMC) is the Korean Methodist Church-affiliated church in 455 Mangwoo Avenue/Manguro (망우로), Mangwoo-dong 340-1 beonji, Seoul Jungnang-gu, South Korea. The 19th World Methodist Conference was held in the Geumnan Methodist Church.

The church is bestowed from Dr. Helen Kim Hwal-ran (김활란), the First President of Ewha Womans University who preached the Methodism throughout South Korea. The 79.33 sq m sanctuary was constructed on 3044 sq m in September 1961 which was donated by Ewha Womans University; six months after the second pastor of Geumnan Methodist Church, Yoo Won-woo (유원우) appointed to the post.

History of Methodism in Korea
One of the strongest current Methodist churches in the world is that of South Korea; the "Joseon Methodist Church" (기독교조선감리회). There are many Korean-language Methodist churches in North America catering to Korean-speaking immigrants, not all of which are named as Methodist. There are several denominations that are of Wesleyan and Methodist heritage, but are not explicitly Methodist.

The first missionary sent out was R. S. Mclay, who sailed from Japan 1884, and was given the authority of medical and schooling permission from Korean Emperor, Gojong-Gwangmu. Next year, H. G. Apenzeller from North Methodist church, who arrived 5 April 1885, started to evangelize with Dr. Scranton and his mother. They established "Jeongdong Metheodist Church"(정동감리교회), "Sangdong Pharmacy Store"(상동약국) becoming "Sangdong Methodist Church"(상동감리교회) and "Paichai Hakdang" (배재학당 - nowadays Pai Chai University/배재대학교). In 1895, there were Bishop E. R. Hendrix and Dr. C. F. Reid from South Methodist Church, who established "Jonggyo Methodist Church"(종교감리교회) and "Baewha School" (배화학당).