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Monday, 21 April 2014

Golfing with Pangya Girls, Part VI: Palgong Country Club, Daegu Dong-gu - Autumn in my Heart... I guess?

Palgong Country Club which is located at Dohak-dong san 1-beonji, Daegu Dong-gu - provides beautiful scenery of Downtown Daegu Metropole with its elevation 500~700m above sea level. The country club is flanked with three peaks around Mount Palgong area which are Satgat Peak (삿갓봉), Eunhae Peak and Nojeok Peak.

It is difficult to get there by using bus because the distance between the bus stop which is situated next to 1396 Palgongsanno to the country club is 2.5km. That means, driving by car (either by own car, rented car or even the taxis) is recommended to the golfers for those who are willing to play golf at the remote club.

Palgong Country Club has 18 holes to play, divided into two courses which are Out-Course at 1st~9th hole and In-Course at 10th~18th hole. During autumn season, it is the best place to watch beautiful autumn foliage surrounding Mount Palgong.

P/S: Daegu Dong-gu is President Roh Tae-woo's birthplace. If he says that Nell is a boy, I'm gonna freaking kill that bloody president.