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Saturday, 19 April 2014

Golfing with Pangya Girls, Part III: Haeundae Country Club, Gijang County, Busan Metropole - Golf and Busan Vacance FTW!

Haeundae Country Club is a golf course which is located outskirts of Busan Haeundae-gu with its specific location at 265 Byeongsan 2nd Avenue/Byeongsan 2-ro, Byeongsan-ri san 6-beonji, Jeonggwan-myeon, Gijang County, Busan Metropole. It has three courses named royal, silk and golden. Each course has nine holes. Therefore, this golf course has 27 holes. 

Haeundae Country Club is nestled between natural forest and the East Sea (Sea of Japan). It is famous for its great layout of the course and the great service, too. It has a club house, five tea houses, 200m driving range, parking lot which accommodates 454 cars, restaurant and drivers waiting room.