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Thursday, 13 March 2014

Wolmido, Incheon Jung-gu: The site of Incheon Landing a.k.a Operation Chromite 1950

Wolmido or Wolmi Island (Hanja: 月尾島), located roughly 1km off the coast of Incheon, in the precinct of Bukseong-dong 1-ga (북성동1가/北城洞1街), Incheon Jung-gu - has since become part of the mainland with the creation of a new highway. The name Wolmi Island comes from the shape of the island as it resembles the tail of a half moon. Thanks to its location near Seoul and the convenient transportation, many people visit here during weekends. 

Wolmido was connected to the mainland by a highway in 1989, and was later connected by a monorail line as well. It is a weekend destination and tourist area, with restaurants, the theme park Play Hill and the areas Meeting Square, Arts Square, Performance Square, and Good Harvest Square. The Korean Traditional Garden at Wolmi Park (월미공원/月尾公園) was established in 2001 after the relocation of the Army base which had been located there for 50 years.

On September 10, 1950, the U.S. Army began five days of bombing Wolmi Island, which contained North Korean Army soldiers. Several hundred civilians were killed in the dropping of 93 napalm bombs. An Army base was established at the site of what became Wolmi Park after the base's relocation. The site was turned into a garden and opened to the public in 2001.

The Culture street starts with the Doodle Pillar, and continues onward to the Meeting Square, Arts Square, Performance Square, Good Harvest Square and several other notable highlights. Throughout these areas, spontaneous performances are performed, and street artists can draw for you on the spot. Moreover, many cafes and seafood restaurants are lined along the coast so you can enjoy the food while viewing the sea. 

A must-see attraction on Wolmi Island is "Play Hill". It’s not as large as other theme parks in Korea, but the Disco Pang-Pang and the Viking rides are truly thrilling. The Disco Pang-Pang ride is fun just watching. You can also get on a cruise to look around the island. This island is the place where the Music Video entitled 'Hangover' by PSY and Snoop Dogg is recorded.