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Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Wando Tower: Landmark of Wando County

Wando Tower is an impressive 76 meters in height, and stands at the top of Mount Dongmang in Gunnae-ri, Wando-eup (Specific location: 330 Chang Bogo Boulevard/Jang Bogo-daero, Gunnae-ri 205-2 beonji, Wando-eup, Wando County, Southern Jeolla). The area includes a plaza, walking path, resting area, and offers a fantastic view of the sunrise, sunset, and city at night.

The tower also overlooks several islands including Cheongsan Island, Bogil Island, Nohwa Island, Sinji Island and Gogeum Island. On clear days with high visibility, some islands like Jeju Island a.k.a Quelpart and Geomun Island a.k.a Port Hamilton Islets are also within sight. Located next to the tower is Bongsudae (a fire signal beacon) and a walking path through Mount Dongmang.

As the home for Cheonghaejin military base of Sillan General Chang Bogo and Dadohae-haesang Marine Park, the tower is placed on the first place in Wando Vacation Checklist.