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Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Lake Tangeum, Chungju, Northern Chungcheong - Row your kayaks, folks!

Lake Tangeum (Hanja: 彈琴湖) is an artificial lake, located at the communes of Geumga-myeon and Gageum-myeon, Chungju City, Northern Chungcheong Province. The lake is located between Chungju Dam and another dam that regulates its flow. There are leisure facilities including Jungangtap Park and Keum Sports Park. The lake is surrounded by roads with good views. Each August there are water sports and cultural performances at the Riverside Stage near the lake. The River Fountain is located next to the Riverside Stage. There are also facilities for people to do bird watching.

The 2013 World Rowing Championships, the highlight of the international rowing calendar, was held at the stunning Tangeum Lake International Rowing Regatta from the 25th August to the 1st September. This will provide Chungju with an unparalleled opportunity to promote its green credentials and boost the local economy and its tourism profile. The city leaders have identified the event as a catalyst for re-generating and diversifying the local economy away from a reliance on agriculture, labeling Chungju as a “Watersports City”.

The Regatta infrastructure is completed and the event had the potential to attract cosmopolitan competitors from 137 member countries. Great Britain, Germany and New Zealand lead the team world rankings and will all bring powerful teams. This will be a great chance for Chungju to celebrate its long history, Korean culture and a host of natural and man-made attractions.