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Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Lake Paro, Hwacheon, Gangwon Province: The Oldest Lake in Korea

Lake Paro (Hanja: 破虜湖) a.k.a Lake Hwacheon (Hanja: 華川湖) is an artificial lake that was made by the hydraulic power generator constructed in 1938 at Guman-ri, Gandong-myeon in Hwacheon County, Gangwon Province by the Japanese aiming to attack China and was formed in 1943.  It was named by Korea's former president Syngman Rhee commemorating the Korean soldiers' defeating the communists' troops here during the Korean War. It is deep and noted as the Oldest Artificial Lake in Korea.   

It was controlled by the communists before the Korean War, but was later included to South Korea's territory.  Its capacity is 105,000 KW and it contains abundant freshwater fish including carp and crucian carp to be loved by many fishers nationwide as Korea's 1st fishing place. The scenery is so magnificent that President Rhee built his vacation home near to the lake in 1955 and visited here often.   

Lake Paro was completed after the construction of Hwacheon Dam in 1944. Containing 10 billion tons of water and surrounded by magnificent scenery and luxuriant forest, it is called the Sea of Mountains. Lake Paro History Hall explicitly record about the Battle of Lake Paro and introduces Korean Army Division 6 that defeated three communists' divisions and defended Hwacheon Dam, the reality of North Korea and the history of Lake Paro.  As there is an observation deck on top of the hill, you can look down the beautiful sceneries of Lake Paro.