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Saturday, 8 March 2014

Inside Changdeokgung, Part VI: Pyeomusa Pavilion

I hope that equation seems to be right.
Pyeomusa (Hanja: 砭愚榭) is a Pavilion which is located inside the rear garden of Changdeok Palace (창덕궁 후원). It was originally built in a ‘ㄱ/Giyeok’ layout and an auxiliary house, but nowadays it is a plain-looking building with no auxiliary structure. This is the place where Crown Prince Hyomyeong a.k.a Posthumous King Munjo, the son of King Sunjo to read the books. Pyeomusa literally means being on guard against foolishness and correction of it.

For looking around Pyeomusa Pavilion, tourists step the stone path on the grass. The role of this stone path was for learning the graceful steps of the royal family. From kids to seniors, all the tourists mimic the King’s gentlemanly gait with their hands behind their backs. In the past, the ridge which is near to Pyeomusa Pavilion was steeper than now so the King rode a horse to move around this vast garden. It is easy to move for the next course thanks to the downward hill.