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Saturday, 22 February 2014

Woninjae, Incheon Yeonsu-gu: The Official Mansion of Incheon Lee Lineage

Woninjae (Hanja: 源仁齋) which is located at 322 GyeongWon Boulevard/GyeongWon-daero, Yeonsu-dong 584-beonji, Incheon Yeonsu-gu was constructed in early the 19th century to perform ancestral rites to Lee Heo-gyeom (이허겸/李許謙), founder of Incheon Lee Clan and mayor of Soseong (old name of Incheon) in the 15th year of King Hyeonjong, Goryeo Dynasty (c.1024). This structure was also constructed to protect his tomb. 

Though originally located in Shinji villiage, Yeonsu-dong, it was displaced by development in 1994 and moved to the present place, next to the founder’s grave. Woninjae, which means the original place of Incheon Lee Lineage, was restored and extended by the dedicated contribution of the Lee family and a subsidy from Incheon Metropole.

Woninjae is accessible by using either Incheon Metro Line 1 or KORAIL-Suin Line to Station I130/K257: Woninjae Station (Himchan Hospital)/원인재역 (힘찬병원).