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Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Introducing Manhwa-ga (Manga-ka) for the manganime Freezing: Lim Dall-young

Lim Dall-young (Romanization: Im Dal-yeong, Hangul: 임달영 or 림달영 [in North Korean Format], Hanja: 林達永) is a Korean manhwa writer. Lim was born in June 14th, 1977 at Seoul. He is the author of Aflame Inferno, Freezing, Re:BIRTH -The Lunatic Taker-; as well as several others, such as Onihime VS, Unbalance x2, SAI-Taker, Koimoku, etc.

Lim Dall-young collaborates with his fellow Korean illustrators in the making of notable manhwas such as:
  • Kim Kwang-hyun a.k.a Eldo‎ (김광현/金光鉉) on Aflame Inferno and Freezing
  • Park Sung-woo (박성우/朴晟佑) on Black God (Japanese: Kurokami, Korean: Heukshin/흑신/黑神) and the Zero franchise
  • Lee Soo-hyon a.k.a Milkcow (이수현/李秀顯) on Re:BIRTH, Unbalance X2, Onihime VS and Sai:Taker –Futari no Artemis–
  • Yoon Jae-ho (윤재호/尹載皓) on Freezing: First Chronicle and the Phantom King (유령왕)
  • Jeong Soo-cheol (정수철/鄭洙哲) on The Legend of Maian (마이언 전기) and Freezing: Zero
  • Lee Haewon a.k.a Bear (이해원/李海源) on Koimoku and Ace Maid

He is also part of the doujin circle CDPA (Creative Dream Present Arts) and uses the alias Moonzero which is an Anglicized name for Dall-Young" (달영). He has written stories for the Cross Make series of hentai doujinshi anthologies.

About Artlim Media
Artlim Media (아트림 미디어) is a manhwa/manga production studio and video game studio located at Daeryung Post Tower 1st Block, 288 Digital Road, Guro 3-dong 212-8 beonji, Seoul Guro-gu. Artlim Media works as the production house for Lim Dall Young World manga and manhwa. It publishes Comic GT monthly pulp manhwa magazine, which features the manhwa and manga produced at Artlim, and its imprint GT Comics. Some of these were first published in Japan/Japanese before publication in the original Korean.

It is also the video game arm of CDPA. It started as a doujinsoft hobbycrafting video game creator of hentai eroge. Artlim was established in 1999, and incorporated in 2000. In time, it also evolved into a manhwa and manga production house.

Its office is accessible either by using Seoul Metro Line 2 to Station 232: Guro Digital Complex Station or SMRT Line 7 to Station 745: NamGuro (South Guro) Station.