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Thursday, 20 February 2014

Inside Gyeonghuigung, Part I: Sungjeongjeon Hall

Sungjeongjeon Hall (Hanja: 崇政殿) is the main hall of Gyeonghuigung Palace, which was constructed in 1618 (10th Reigning Year of King Gwanghae). Here, kings met with their subjects in the morning and arranged official ceremonies, such as royal feast for foreign diplomats. Gyeongjong (the 20th king), Jeongjo (the 22nd king) and Heonjong (the 24th king) all held their inauguration ceremonies in here. 

However, the Imperial Japan damaged Gyeonghuigung Palace and sold the building for Sungjeongjeon in 1926 to Jogyesa. This currently remains as Jeonggagwon in Dongguk University Seoul-Pildong Campus. Due to it is too old to move again into old spots, Korean Republic government reconstructed as it was from 1989 at the old site. The current Sungjeongjeon is a restored one.