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Friday, 28 February 2014

Confucian Confusions in Korea, Part XV: Danseong Hyanggyo, Sancheong, Southern Gyeongsang - A Hyanggyo in the Satanic County of Korea?

Danseong Hyanggyo (Hanja: 丹城鄕校) is a confucian academy which is located at 13-15 Gyodong Alley/Gyodong-gil, Gangnu-ri (강누리) 595-1 beonji, Sancheong County, Southern Gyeongsang Province. It was first built in 1127, the fifth year of the reign of King Injong of Goryeo (Reigned: 1122-1146), near Guin-dong, Gangnu-ri Village. It was moved once during the reign of King Sejong the Great (Reigned: 1418-1450) of Joseon and again to its present location in 1752, the 28th year of the reign of King Yeongjo (Reigned: 1724-1776). 

The arrangement of the various buildings follows the standard custom of placing the academic facilities in the front and the shrines in the rear. Inside the outer gate are two dormitories, Dongjae and Seojae (east and west dormitories), and behind them the main lecture hall, Myeongnyundang. Behind the inner gate are two subsidiary shrines, Dongmu and Seomu, and behind these stand the main Daeseongjeon shrine. 

The architecture is typical of the late Joseon period era with several exceptions: the passage below the Myeongnyundang and the walkway on either side of the inner gate are both unusual features.

MUAHAHAHAHA!!! Greetings, Korean Confucian Scholars. Can I JOIN you?

Foot note: The postal code of Sancheong County is 666-XXX. No wonder that we've invited the Satan to study about confucianism....