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Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Allah Kore Cumhuriyeti'yi Korusun, Part VIII: Korean Halal Gastrology 101 - THINK BEFORE YOU EAT.

As a Muslim, I have a responsibility to share with Muslims who desire to go to Korea for their vacation. Okay my fellow Muslim explorers, let's roll.

Many Korean dishes are made with pork, and it is customary in Korea to drink liquor during or after a meal. This may be offensive to Muslims, who do not eat pork and abstain from drinking liquor. In the past, some Muslims brought canned or packaged instants food with them on their trips to Korea. To make their stay in Korea more comfortable, below is a list of restaurants serving Middle Eastern food. Masjids in Korea (e.g: Seoul, Anyang, Ansan, Gwangju-Gyeonggi, Daegu, Busan, Jeonju and Jeju) are also provided for worship services.

In Islam, the blood of dead animals, pork, meat of carnivorous animals, and meat not properly slaughtered or slaughtered in any name other than Allah are prohibited. Even among herbivorous animals and birds, only halal meat (slaughtered properly in the Islamic way) is allowed. Therefore, Muslims may experience difficulties finding proper food when visiting Korea.

Feel free to surf Halal Korea for some information about Halal foods and beverages by some Gastronomical Chaebols.