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Friday, 10 January 2014

Jangja Lake Park, Guri, Gyeonggi Province: Here Comes my Favourite Character!

Jangja Lake Park was created by Guri City Municipal Government by restoring Jangjamot in Topyeong and Sutaek Precincts. In result of Guri's efforts to plant trees along the embankment with hiking trails and create an eco-friendly environment, it was selected advertisement "Successful Case of Natural Ecological Restoration" by the Ministry of Environment of Korean Republic (MEV) in February 2005. Its outdoor stage offers various concerts and exhibitions on weekends to attract local people for leisure life.

Guri City Municipal Government worked to improve the water quality of Jangja Lake (장자호수) in order to form the Jangja Lake Park (장자호수공원) and in the process an ecological zone was created. A 3.6 km tree-lined walkway runs through the park, and is frequented by people enjoying an outing or getting some light exercise. Concerts, exhibitions, and other events are held on the outdoor stage on weekends and the park is widely used as a place to relax by local residents.