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Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Dark Memoirs of Gwangju Massacre, Part IV: 5.18 Memorial Park, Gwangju Seo-gu

Just as the government made a 330,000 sq m park for the people in Sang-Mu New Downtown Area Development District with the transference of Sangmudae in 1995, a 208,000 sq m May 18 Memorial Park was made to repair reputation and to develop a valuable place for learning. It is located at 61 Sangmu Democratic Avenue/SangmuMinju-ro, Ssangchon 1-dong (Sangmu 1-dong) 1268-beonji, Gwangju Seo-gu.

In the May 18 Memorial Park, resting places and park facilities related to May 18th, such as memorial cultural hall, the memorial space for the dead, Owol-ru (May Pavilion), and so on, have an important role as a place of development in preparation of the 21st century. 

Owol-ru Pavilion (Hanja: 五月樓) inside 5.18 Memorial Park

May 18 Memorial Cultural Hall in particular is a center for human rights, and has the function of educating about human rights to inherit and develop a noble mind in the people. In the park there is Mugaksa temple, founded in Sangmudae in 1972, and Dangunjeon Hall, which has the spirit of the humanitarianism. 

This park is accessible by using Gwangju Metro Line 1 to Station 112: Uncheon Station (Entrance to Honam University)/운천역 (호남대입구)/雲泉驛 (湖南大入口).

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