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Saturday, 4 January 2014

Bridges in Seoul, Part VII: Seongsu Bridge

The Seongsu Bridge (Hanja: 聖水大橋) is a cantilever-type bridge over the Han River in Seoul, South Korea. The bridge links from Seongsu 1-ga 1-dong, Seoul Seongdong-gu to Apgujeong-dong, Seoul Gangnam-gu. It is the 11th bridge constructed over Han River. Its construction was set about on April 9th 1977 and completed on October 15th 1979, 2 years and 6 months later. It is four-lane bridge with 19.4m width and 1,160.8m (0.721 miles) length. The principal avenue of this bridge is Eonju Avenue/Eonju-ro.

The Collapse of Seongsu Bridge in Gapsul Year (1994)
Around 0740 hours KST (+9) on October 21st 1994, Seongsu Bridge connecting Seongsu 1-ga 1-dong, Seoul Seongdong-gu and Apgujeong-dong, Seoul Gangnam-gu, collapsed. The slab (48 m) between the fifth and the sixth leg of the Bridge collapsed so 32 people died and 17 people were injured while they were on the way to office or school.

Dongah Construction worked on its construction, spending ₩11.58 billion. Unlike the existing bridges oriented in functions, it employed Gerber Truss engineering in consideration of beauty. 

Through investigation, it was found that: joints of trusses (steel structures) supporting the bridge slab were not welded to the full; the welding thickness, which should be over 10mm, was only 8mm; and further, connecting pins for steel bolts were poor. 

From April 26th 1995, Hyundai Construction set about the construction to recover the bridge with ₩78 billion, and on July 3rd 1997, 2 years and 8 months later after the accident happened, passage of vehicles was commenced again.