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Friday, 13 December 2013

The Abraham Park-Kenneth Vine Collection, Seoul Guro-gu: Relic Collections of the Pastor and Archaeologist

The Abraham Park-Kenneth Vine Collection, also known as the Pyeonggang Biblical Archaeology Museum (Hanja: 平康聖書遺物博物館) is a privately owned museum established by Rev. Abraham Park Yoon-sik/박윤식, the Senior Pastor of Pyeonggang-Jeil Presbyterian Church and the author of the History of Redemption Series and Dr Kenneth Vine, an American Biblical archaeologist and former president of Loma Linda University, California, USA. It is currently situated in 44 Oryu-ro 8ra-gil/오류로8라길, Oryu 2-dong 150-15 beonji, Seoul Guro-gu, South Korea, adjacent to Pyeonggang-Jeil Presbyterian Church, one of the largest Presbyterian churches in South Korea.

The museum first opened its doors to the public in November 1998. Dr Kenneth Vine initially planned on giving his collection to his only son however, when his son died in a car accident he donated his collection of artefacts to the founder of Pyeonggang-Jeil Presbyterian Church, Rev. Abraham Park and together they established The Abraham Park-Kenneth Vine Collection next to Pyeonggang-Jeil Presbyterian Church.

Exhibiting thousands of years of history, The Abraham Park-Kenneth Vine Collection merges the world of archaeology and religion together in a collection of Egyptian and Middle Eastern artefacts. With objects dating back to 6,000 years, it is one of the few places in Korea where such artefacts are on display as part of a permanent collection.