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Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Suseungdae, Geochang, Southern Gyeongsang: Are you sending anxiety or victory to our entourage?

Geochang County is situated in the mountainous inland area in the northwestern part of Gyeongnam Province and shares borders with Gyeongbuk and Jeonbuk Provinces. Suseungdae (수승대/搜勝臺) is located in Mount Deogyu National Park (덕유산국립공원), which is located in the center of the adjoining three provinces. Suseungdae is one of Geochang’s oldest tourist attractions. It is located at 433 Songgye Avenue/Songgye-ro, Hwangsan-ri 750-3 beonji, Wicheon-myeon, Geochang County, Southern Gyeongsang Province.

Suseungdae is the place where the streams of Seong-cheon, Sansu-cheon, Bungye-cheon from Mt. Deogyu and Gal-cheon from Songgye meet and make Wi-cheon. As Suseungdae is a big turtle-shaped rock(of 10 m height and 50 sq m area), it is also called Guyeondae or Amgudae. 

Suseungdae was originally named Susongdae (수송대/愁送臺) which means literally as the place to send anxiety in English, since it was a place where Baekje dispatched its envoys to Silla during the Three Kingdoms Era. Later, in the Joseon Dynasty, the name was changed to Suseungdae which means the place to send victory. Old-style lecture halls and pavilions provide great lookout points for visitors. The attraction is also fully equipped with an outdoor swimming pool, a camp site, and various other facilities. On August evenings, it is also the place of The International Theatre Festival.

Designated as a national tourist site, Suseungdae is frequented by family tourist groups. The waters of the valley flow around the Confucian academies and pavilions. Across from Suseungdae stands Yosu-jeong, where Yosu Shin Gwon studied and played. Now the facilities here include accommodations, shops, sports & leasure facilities, a green zone, a camping site, a cooking place, a swimming pool, a sleighing place, water supply facilities and toilets.