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Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Bucheon Bow Museum, Bucheon Wonmi-gu, Gyeonggi Province: Korean Archery, Redefined.

Reflected by the outstanding performance of Korean archers at recent 2012 London Summer Olympic Games, Koreans have an esteemed reputation for their skills in archery and craftsmanship. But this undoubted skill has historical precedent, as bows were an important weapon of war throughout Korean history. 

Oh Jin-hyek, Im Dong-hyun, Kim Bub-min, Ki Bo-bae, Choi Hyun-joo and Lee Sung-jin are the famous archers in the recent Olympics. The Korean Republic Archery Team bagged 3 golds and a bronze to conquer the archery at the 30th Olympiad. Korean firms such as YoungKwang, Win&Win and Cartel Doosung have made the archery equipment and they are popular throughout the world.

The Bucheon Bow Museum (부천활박물관) was established in 482 Sosa Avenue/Sosa-ro, Chunui-dong 8-beonji, Bucheon Wonmi-gu, Gyeonggi Province to show visitors the spirit of the Korean archery, and demonstrate its ancestral traditions of bower craftsmanship. Located beside Bucheon Stadium which serves as the home for K-League Challenge football team, Bucheon FC 1995 - this museum houses traditional bows (gukgung, 국궁), which are considered, prized cultural pieces, and have been made by a Bucheon family, which has fostered a lineage of bowyers across five generations for over than 160 years.

The Bow Museum showcases Gakgung (traditional bows) that have been succeeded as Korean tradition during its long history. This museum displays the making of Gakgung, bowmanship, spirit of bowmanship, relevant data, materials, and artifacts related to Gakgung. The museum also offers exhibits of various bows and arrows, Shingijeongi (train), tools and artifacts that have been used to protect the nation and to cultivate mind and body. Young students can also experience archery during their school vacations.