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Friday, 8 November 2013

Yi Sunshin Great Bridge, Yeosu, Southern Jeolla: A Tribute to the Greatest Admiral in Korea during Imjin Invasion

Yi Sunshin Great Bridge (Hanja: 李舜臣大橋) is a suspension bridge connected from GwangYang Port, Geumho-dong, GwangYang City to Myodo Island (Myodo-dong, Yeosu) in Southern Jeolla Province. This bridge is one part of The Approach Road to Yeosu Industrial Complex. It is the world's fourth longest suspension bridge in terms of its main span length of 1,545 m due to the opening ceremony in February 7th 2013.

The four-lane Yi Sunshin Great Bridge has a total length of 2.26 km including two 357.5 m-long end segments of main towers. In particular, the length of main span between two main towers reaches 1.545 km, which is Korea’s largest and world’s fourth largest suspension bridge after Japan’s Akashi Kaikyo Bridge with a length of 1.99 km, China’s Shawman Bridge with a length of 1.65 km and Denmark’s Great Belt Bridge with a length of 1.62 km. The main span length of 1.545 km means the year 1545 when Admiral Chungmugong Yi Sunshin had been born. Yeosu City is a meaningful place where the headquarters of left naval forces of Jeolla Province the general had started for his new post had been located. The coast of GwangYang also has a historical meaning as the last battle field and demise of the admiral named as Final Naval Battle of Noryang Point in 1598.

‘Yi Sunshin’ is the name of the Korean Admiral who was born in April 28th 1545 and built the world first ironclad warship called 'the Turtle ship a.k.a Geobukseon' and defended the country against Japanese navy in the Joseon Dynasty during Imjin Invasion (1592~1598). Some people miswrite his last name such as 'Lee' instead of 'Yi' but 'Yi Sunshin' in his official name. This bridge was designed by Yooshin Corporation and is being constructed by Daelim Industrial Company.

Unlike the previous suspension bridges in Korea, Daelim's engineers are doing the whole construction engineering by themselves. Seo Young-hwa (서영화) is leading the project. Jeong Seung-wook (정승욱) and Kim Kyung-taek (김경택) are directing Engineering Team and Construction Team. Construction engineering for the pylon, cable and stiffening girder are conducted by Baek Hansol (백한솔), Moon Jong-hoon (문종훈) and Jeong Bong-kyo (정봉교) respectively.