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Sunday, 10 November 2013

Streets of Seoul, Part VII: Wonhyo Avenue (Wonhyoro)

This venerable monk stops at the Beamer (BMW) Showroom a.k.a Handok Motors (Korea-German Motors in Korean, literally) in Yongsan-gu. I think Master Wonhyo can afford to buy X6 Crossover SUV.

Wonhyo Avenue or Wonhyoro (Hanja: 元曉路) is an avenue which stretches 2.6km (approximately 1.8 miles) from NamYeong Station, Garwol-dong, Seoul Yongsan-gu to Gangbyeonbuk Highway, Cheongam-dong in the same district. During Japanese Colonization Period (1910~1945) it was known as Motomachi (원정/元町/Wonjeong). 

In October 1st 1946, Motomachi changed its name into Wonhyoro which is bestowed from the Venerable Buddhist Monk Wonhyo (Born: 617 CE - Died: 686 CE), a key person in spreading Buddhism teachings in the verge of Sillan Unification under the reign of two Kings of Silla, King Taejong Muyeol the Great and King Munmu the Great.

Wonhyoro is one of the administrative precincts of Seoul Yongsan-gu. The postal codes for Wonhyoro 1~4-ga are 140-111 ~ 140-114.

Gangbyeonbuk Highway Cheongam-dong JCT - Seongshim (Sacred Heart) Girls High School - Northern Crossroad of Wonhyo Bridge via Cheongpa Avenue/Cheongparo - Yongmun Market - Namjeong Elementary School - Old Seoul Yongsan-gu Office - Yongsan Police Station - Three Intersections of NamYeong Station (NamYeong-yeok Samgeori) 

Wonhyo Bridge: the northern end of the Bridge is intersected with Wonhyo and Cheongpa Avenues. However, the major avenues of this bridge are YeouiDaebang (YeouiDaebangno) and Cheongpa Avenues on both ends of the bridge (South and North) respectively. The description of this bridge will be posted soon.