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Sunday, 10 November 2013

Streets of Seoul, Part VI: March 1st/Sam-il Boulevard (Samil-daero)

Samil Boulevard or March 1st Boulevard (Hanja/Romanization: 三一大路/Samil-daero) is a boulevard which stretches 5 km (3.107 miles) from Anguk Subway Station, Seoul Jongno-gu to Ilshin Building (Daum Communications Hannam Office, Aju Networks [Land Rover and Jaguar Cars Showroom] and Italian Embassy), Seoul Yongsan-gu via Namsan First Tunnel/남산1호터널. It consists six to eight-lane traffic flow. The Seoul Special City Hall Namsan Annex in Yejang-dong, Seoul Jung-gu is located on this boulevard.

This boulevard is commemorated to the March 1st Movement, or Samil Movement, was one of the earliest public displays of Korean resistance during the occupation of the Korean Empire by Japan. The name refers to an event that occurred on March 1, 1919 - nine years after Emperor Sunjong-Yunghui dethroned by Imperial Japanese and Korean Annexation to Japan, hence the movement's name, literally meaning "Three-One Movement" or "March First Movement" in Korean. It is also sometimes referred to as the Manse Demonstrations (Hangul: 만세운동; Hanja: 萬歲運動; RR: Manse Undong). 

Four Intersections of Anguk Subway Station (Anguk-yeok Sageori) - Nagwon Market - Jongno 2-ga - March 1st Bridge/Samilgyo - Cheonggye 2-ga - Euljiro 2-ga - Four Intersections of Myeongdong Cathedral (Myeongdong Seongdang Sageori) - Toegyero 2-ga - Seoul Special City Hall Namsan Annex - Namsan First Tunnel - Four Intersections of Hannam North (Bukhannam Sageori) - Ilshin Building (Daum Communications Hannam Office, Aju Networks [Land Rover and Jaguar Cars Showroom] and Italian Embassy)

Ilshin Building, Hannam-dong, Seoul Yongsan-gu: the Ending point of March 1st Boulevard a.k.a Samil-daero. This multi-functional building serves as Daum Communications Hannam Office, Aju Networks (Jaguar and Land Rover Cars Showroom) and Italian Embassy.