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Friday, 8 November 2013

Seorae Village, Seoul Seocho-gu: Spread your Baguette with Kimchi Paste.

Seorae Village (Hanja: 西來마을), sometimes nicknamed "Montmartre" due to its hilltop location, is a small French enclave located in the three affluent precincts of Seoul Seocho-gu: Bangbaebon-dong, Bangbae 4-dong and Banpo 4-dong. It is home to about 560 French people, roughly 40% of the French community in South Korea and most of them are French expatriates doing business in the country (Err... do we say that Renault-Samsung Motors is originally from Renault Motors? Well... seems legit). The majority (370) of the French population is actually children.

The village began to form there in 1985, with the movement of Lycée Français de Séoul to the area. The school, the city's only French international school, had formerly been located just north of the Han River in Hannam-dong, Seoul Yongsan-gu, a large international precinct. French people with children followed, as did bakeries and wine shops.

The village is the site of a 20,000 m² park, "Montmartre Park", which is often the site of public events for foreigners. The area has a large concentration of European-style restaurants and dessert cafes, as well as wineries and cafes stand along its main street.

A regular member from SBS' Game Show Running Man, Ha Dong-hoon a.k.a HaHa resides in this village. Seorae Village is accessible by using either Seoul Metro Line 2 to Seocho Station (Station 224), KORAIL-Seoul Metro Line 3, SMRT Line 7 and Metro 9 to Express Bus Terminal Station (Stations 339/734/923), SMRT Line 7 to Naebang Station (Station 735) or Metro 9 to Stations GuBanpo (Old Banpo) and SinBanpo (New Banpo) - Stations 922~923.

This French girl visits Haroro's Place. As I expected, Haroro is a Playboy.