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Saturday, 30 November 2013

ArtSonje Center, Seoul Jongno-gu: Handicapped Artists can make the arts become possible.

Art Sonje Center (Revised Romanization: Art Seonjae Center), located at 87 Yulgok Avenue 3rd Street/Yulgok-ro 3-gil (previous address: 43 Gamgodang Street/Gamgodang-gil) Sogyeok-dong 144-2 beonji, Seoul Jongno-gu is an art complex which was built in 1998. It has a short history but is famous for exhibiting high-quality artwork. As an art complex, in addition to regular art exhibitions, movies, dance & music performances and plays are also shown here. 

The museum aims to provide current and experimental contemporary art to the art world and public with its international exhibitions and educational programs. The museum is located in Sogyeok-dong which is a unique area because of its between ancient cultural museums and the contemporary art movement. The building which was designed by Kim Jong-sung, is made of marble. It’s geometric shape consists of 4 annexed multiplex buildings that include exhibition halls, restaurant, café, artshop and a small theater.

On the B1 floor there is a small theater with a capacity for 250 people. Exquisite lightning and audiovisual system equipment are used for showing movies, performances and symposiums. Equipped also with simultaneous interpretation facilities, the theater is a great place for performances. At the art hall, many reviews on movies of the dramatic lives of artists are shown. Other events range from international concerts to project exhibitions of German filmmakers. 

If you want to relax, head to the traditional Korean house hall, Hanokgwan on the 1st floor. It boasts the unique architecture of modernized traditional Korean style. It is surrounded by bamboo, making it just the place for visitors to rest. It is also used as an exhibition space from time to time. Near Art Sonje Center are Gyeongbokgung Palace and Insadong.