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Monday, 25 November 2013

Admin's Rants and Shits, Part II: Differences between KanColle and Strike Witches

We're going to World War II zone where we will discover two animes: KanColle and Strike Witches with the impacts on Korean audiences. Frankly speaking, both stories are occurred during the World War II (1939~1945).

The differences between these animes:
  • Strike Witches represent Multinational Witches that resembled to the aces during the warring period.
  • Strike Witches are not represent Japan only but the other nations which involved in WWII (i.e Germany, France, Finland, Soviet Russia, USA, Spain, United Kingdom and its dependencies)
  • KanColle represent the Imperial Japanese Navy Ships which are going for moe-anthropomorphization process.
  • KanColle may upset the relations in East Asia (i.e China, Hong Kong SAR, Macau SAR, Taiwan, Republic of Korea and DPRK) regarding to Imperialist Japanese Atrocities. 

These pictures in this blog will show you the proof that Strike Witches have the relationship to South Korea (ROK), respective to the Countries.

Republic of Korea - Malaysia: Raisa Pöttgen is a German/Karlslander within her blood however, her birth date is resembled to the day where the Malaysian Federation was formed in September 16th 1963. Malaysia provided financial support for Korean Muslims to build the first mosque in Seoul (1976).

Republic of Korea - Canada: Lynette is originated from Canada under the Commonwealth Realm of Britannia. During Korean War (1950~1953), Canada provided combat support to ROK to fight against communist DPRK. 

Republic of Korea - Poland: Minna is a Karlsander within her blood. Actually, she was originated from Poznań, Województwo Wielkopolskie/Greater Poland Voivodeship (Posen, Woiwodschaft Großpolen),  Poland based on real-life ace, Wolf-Dietrich Wilcke. The bilateral relationship was forged during the Collapse of Communist Eastern Bloc (1989). Poland provided medical support for Communist DPRK during Korean War.

Republic of Korea - France: France invaded Joseon during Byeongin Invasion of 1866 because of Persecution of Catholics from French Missionaries that resulting the death of First Korean Native Catholic Priest, Saint Andrew Kim Dae-geon. This country looted the Uigwe, the royal protocols of Joseon Dynasty. France provided combat support to ROK to fight against communist DPRK during Korean War. The Uigwe was brought back from France to Korea during G20 Summit in Seoul. 

Republic of Korea - Finland: Eila is based on Eino Ilmari Juutilainen, originating from Lieksa, Northern Karelia Province, Finland. Eila's life is empowered by Kyobo Life.

Republic of Korea - Italy: Francesca is originated from Rome, based on her real-life ace, Franco Lucchini. Italy provided medical support for ROK forces during Korean War. Ajou Communications which sells Jaguar Cars and Land Rover SUVs and Daum Communications are located at the Ilshin Buliding, Hannam-dong, Seoul Yongsan-gu.

Republic of Korea - Germany: Edytha is originated from Gera, Thuringia (Freistaat Thüringen), Germany while Waltrud is originated from Domnau (Domnowo), Kaliningrad/Königsberg Oblast, Russia - based on Edmund Roßmann and Walter Krupinski respectively. ROK sent the first diplomat to Germany which was Vice Admiral Sohn Won-yil, First Chief of Naval Operations of the Republic of Korea Navy. Seriously, they can't get laid in Germany.

Republic of Korea - Austria: Waltraud is originated from Gmünd, Lower Austria (Niederösterreich), based on her ace, Walter Nowotny. This embassy is located inside Kyobo Life Insurance Building at Gwanghwamun Square, Seoul Jongno-gu along with Finnish Embassy. Mozart can claim his life insurance via Kyobo Life too.

Republic of Korea - Kingdom of Belgium: Isabelle is originated from London, United Kingdom. However, she's coming from Belgian Nobility and her real-life ace is Yvan Georges Arsène Félicien du Monceau de Bergendal. Belgium provided combat support for ROK during Korean War. The Embassy of Belgium relocated to the present location in Hannam-dong, Seoul Yongsan-gu after the old building in Namhyeon-dong, Seoul Gwanak-gu was transformed into Seoul Museum of Art South Seoul Annex (SeMA NamSeoul). 

Republic of Korea - Hungary: Laura Tóth is originated from Újfehértó, Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg County and based on her real-life ace Lajos Tóth. Same as Poland, the bilateral relationship was forged during the Collapse of Communist Eastern Bloc (1988~1989). Hungary provided medical support for Communist DPRK during Korean War.

Republic of Korea - Spain: Angela is originated from Orduña, Biscay, Basque County (País Vasco), based on her real-life ace, Angel Saras Larrazabal. Spain provided miscellaneous support for ROK during Korean War. 

Republic of Korea - Romania: Alexandra is originated from Colonești, Olt County, based on her real-life ace Alexandru Şerbănescu. The bilateral relationship was forged during the Collapse of Communist Eastern Bloc (1989). Romania provided medical support for Communist DPRK during Korean War.

Republic of Korea - United Kingdom: The Embassy of the United Kingdom is strategically located in the vicinity of Seoul Anglican Church and Deoksu Palace grounds (Deoksugung), Jeongdong, Seoul Jung-gu. UK, together with US helped not-yet-prepared ROK forces during Korean War.

Republic of Korea - United States of America: Charlotte is originated from Myra, West Virginia, based on her real-time ace Charles Elwood "Chuck" Yeager. As the main ally of the Republic of Korea, US provides military support after Korean War. However, the Koreans are not pleased with the presence of US Army Personnel in this country because of immoral activities (e.g: rape, hit-and-run, homicides etc. etc. etc.).

Republic of Korea - Czech Republic: Ottilie Kittel is originated from Krasov-Bruntál (Kronsdorf-Freudenthal), Moravian-Silesian Region, Czech Republic, based on her real-life ace, Otto Kittel. Ironically, she is a Karlslander within her blood. Czech Republic provides medical support for Communist DPRK during Korean War under the name Czechoslovakia. Both nations forged bilateral relations since the Collapse of Communist Eastern Bloc, Velvet Revolution and the dissolution of Czechoslovakia.

Republic of Korea - Japan: Tomoko is originated from Ayagawa-cho, Ayauta District, Kagawa Prefecture, based on her real-life ace, Anabuki Satoshi. One of the most crucial topics on this bilateral relations such as Toyotomi Hideyoshi's invasion during Imjin Wars (1592~1598), Annexation of Korean Empire (1910), 35 years of Imperial Japanese Atrocities and Dokdo-Liancourt Rocks Dispute. Despite those, these two nations forged bilateral relations since the Three-Kingdoms Period when Baekje forged the relations with Yamato. In 2010s, the activists erected a statue which is commemorated to Korean forced sex slaves during Japanese Colonization Period opposite to the Embassy in 22 Yulgok Avenue 2nd Street/Yulgok-ro 2-gil, Junghak-dong 18-11 beonji (please notice the seated statue, behind Tomoko), Seoul Jongno-gu and demanded apology from Japan itself. That's why Abe Shinzo and Park Geun-hye are not understanding each other due to sensitive issues.

Republic of Korea - Russia: Aleksandra Ivanovna Pokryshkin (Александра Ивановна Покрышкин) is originated from Novosibirsk, Siberian Federal District - based on her real-life ace, Alexander Ivanovich Pokryshkin (Александр Иванович Покрышкин). The bilateral relations forged during final years of Joseon Dynasty period where Korean Empire under Emperor Gojong-Gwangmu forged the relations with Russian Empire under Nicholas the Second. Emperor Gojong-Gwangmu sought refuge to Russian Legation Complex (Agwan Pacheon) after the assassination of Empress Myeongseong of Yeoheung Min Clan. During Korean War, the relations between two nations were broken after Russia, under Soviet Union helped Communist DPRK to recapture the fallen key cities in DPRK from ROK forces (1951). After the collapse of Soviet Union, Russia resumed bilateral relations with ROK until now.