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Monday, 21 October 2013

Guri Tower: Trademark of Guri City, Gyeonggi Province

Guri Tower (Hanja: 九里타워) is a 100 meter tower located at 49 Wangsuk Stream Avenue (Wangsukcheonno/왕숙천로), Topyeong-dong 9-1 beonji, Guri City, Gyeonggi Province. There is a restaurant and an observatory on the upper level, from whence one looks directly onto Guri Sports Center, and has a panoramic view of the surrounding hills, streams, and apartments. This tower and its vicinity is the filming location for Kim Hae-gon's film entitled 'Fate' (숙명/宿命/Sungmyeong). 

Guri Resource Collection Facility with Guri Tower is known as a successful case of overcoming collectivism and id visited by more than 80,000 government officials, office workers, and civilians from around the world. The chimneys of the incinerators have been converted into Korea's first observation deck and restaurant 100m above ground. There also are indoor pools, sauna, soccer field, and Futsal (mini soccer) field to accommodate the people of Guri for leisure activities.

The scene where Woo-min gets a goal during a football match and Cheol-jung shouts and hugs Woo-min was filmed at a community sports facility in Guri. In this particular scene, four friends—Woo-min, Cheol-jung, Yeong-hwan, and Do-wan—demonstrate strong friendship and happiness. This is a community sports facility located in Topyeong-dong, Guri City, near Guri Tower, which is a Guri City landmark. The facility has a soccer field, gate-ball field, and swimming pool, yet there is no football field, so the soccer field was used for the football scene, which was covered with artificial grass for the shoot. Guri Tower, which is located beside the sports facility, has a restaurant and observatory. It presents a lively sight every night with its colorful lighting.

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