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Thursday, 3 October 2013

Everybody come to Jagalchi Market, One of the Famous Markets in Busan Metropole.

The Jagalchi Market which is located at 52 JagalchiHaean-ro/Jagalchi-Haean Avenue, Nampo-dong 4-ga 37-1 beonji, Busan Jung-gu is Korea's largest seafood market. The name is said to have originated from jagal (자갈 - gravel in Korean) because the market used to be surrounded by many gravels. The market is located on the edge of Nampo Port (남포항) and one of the ten landmarks of Busan, so many tourists visit there to shop for fresh fisheries.

After the Korean War the market solidified itself as a fish market. Most of the people who sell fish are women, so the women who sell here are called 'Jagalchi Ajumma,' 'ajumma' meaning middle-aged or married women. 

This market represents Busan and is famous throughout the country. If you visit you can eat fresh raw fish right at the market. Even these days you can see women selling mackerel, sea squirts (ascidians) and whale meat on wooden boxes along the road. 

Every year in October the Jagalchi Cultural Tourism Festival is held, and it is easy to visit because of the convenient transportation provided by the subway. The Jagalchi Market is where you can see the lifestyle of the indigenous Busan natives.