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Friday, 20 September 2013

Time has come. Icy Graveyard Shift Girl (Toki Onjouji) at Miryang Eoreumgol.

Oh Gawd. Toki looks deadly cute.
Just north of Mount Cheonhwang, Miryang Eoreumgol sits at an elevation between 600 and 750m and covers an area of 29,752m² (Korean Customary Unit: 9,000 pyeong).  It gets its name and its notoriety from the freezing cold found there even in midsummer. This phenomenon is believed to be due to local airflow patterns, particularly cold air emerging from underground. This ice valley is located at Nammyeong-ri san 95-1 beonji, Sannae-myeon, Miryang City, Southern Gyeongsang Province.

Designated as Korean Republic Natural Monument No.224 in 1970, the valley is unusual in that it begins to freeze in March when the weather becomes warm and thaws in the fall when the weather becomes cold after Cheoseo/처서 (one of the 24 seasonal divisions; about August 23rd). The cold water flowing from the valley has traditionally been used for drinking by nearby residents.

In the winter, the valley generates warm breezes and the water rarely freezes. Because of these unique attributes, the valley is considered one of the Four Mysteries in Miryang and attracts visitors from early summer through fall.

Other notable ice valleys in Korea include Binggye Gyegok in Uiseong (Northern Gyeongsang), Punghyeol Naengcheon in Yanghwa Village (Jinan, Northern Jeolla), and Aircongul in Nari Plain (Ulleung Island, Ulleung County, Northern Gyeongsang).