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Saturday, 14 September 2013

Serious Case of Posthumous Kings of Joseon, Part V (FINAL): Crown Prince Uigyeong (King Deokjong)

Do we say that Crown Prince Uikyung likes cats? Surely does because he was buried at the Feline-friendly and Shaking City of Goyang, here in Gyeonggi Province.
This is it. We will close this serious case with the introduction to Crown Prince Uigyeong, posthumous King Deokjong. Crown Prince Uigyeong (Hanja: 懿敬世子; Born: 1438 - Died: 1457) was the eldest son of King Sejo, 7th Monarch of Joseon Dynasty and his consort, Queen Jeonghui of Papyeong Yoon Clan. He was installed as Crown Prince of Joseon in 1455 for the first succession line as the King of Joseon State. Unfortunately, he died two years later in the young age of nineteen.

His consort, Queen Sohye of Cheongju Han Clan (later as Queen Dowager In-soo) was installed as Crown Princess in 1455. When her son, King Seongjong, ascended the throne, she became Queen Dowager (Queen Dowager In-soo). Being bright and erudite, Queen Sohye published a book titled, “Naehun” (內訓/내훈, an educational book for women) to give lessons in etiquette to women and girls.

In 1504, King Yeonsan the Terrible sought revenge against those who deposed and killed his birth mother. It is said that Queen Sohye tragically died a few days after she was hit by the head of King Yeonsan while she was scolding him about his retaliation.

King Deokjong and Queen Sohye was buried at the Royal Tomb of Gyeongneung (경릉), a part of SeoOreung Royal Tomb Cluster (서오릉/西五陵) which is located at Yongdu-dong san 13-1 beonji, Goyang DeogYang-gu, Gyeonggi Province. Crown prince Uigyeong was posthumously known as King Deokjong Hoegan Seonsuk Gongheon Onmun Uigyeong the Great (덕종회간선숙공현온문의경대왕/德宗懷簡宣肅恭顯溫文懿敬大王).

Finally, Case Closed.