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Saturday, 14 September 2013

Serious Case of Posthumous Kings of Joseon, Part III: Crown Prince Hyomyeong (King Munjo)

Crown Prince Hyomyeong (Hanja: 孝明世子, Born: September 18th, 1809 - Died: June 25th, 1830) was the son of the 23rd Monarch of Joseon Dynasty, King Sunjo (1790–1834, r. 1800–1834) and his consort, Queen Sunwon of Andong Kim Clan, father of King Heonjong, 24th King of the Joseon Dynasty. His birth name was Yi Yeong (이영, 李旲). He was also known as Posthumous King Munjo (문조왕/文祖王) a.k.a King Ikjong (익종왕/翼宗王).

He was admitted to Sungkyunkwan in 1817. Two years later, he became Crown Prince of Joseon in the first line of succession for the next king of Joseon. Unfortunately, he died in the young age of 21. His consort, Queen Shinjeong of Poong-yang Cho Clan lived with their son, King Heonjong a.k.a Yi Hwan until her death in 1890. King Munjo and Queen Shinjeong were buried at Royal Tomb of Sureung (/), a part of Donggureung Tomb Cluster (동구릉/東九陵) which is located at 197 Donggureung Avenue/Donggureungno, Inchang-dong san 7-1 beonji, Guri City, Gyeonggi Province. 

His posthumous name is absolutely long, so bear with it. He was posthumously known as King Chewon Cheonhwa Seokgeuk Jeongmyeong  Seongheon Yeongcheol Yeseong Yeon-gyeong Yungdeok Sun-gong Dokhyu Honggyeong Hong-un Seongnyeol Seon-gwang Junsang Yoheum Sun-gong Ugeun Tangjeong Gyecheon Geontong Shinhun Sungmo Geondae Gonhu Gwang-eop Yeongjo Jang-ui Changnyun Haenggeon Baenyeong Gitae Suyu Huibeop Changhui Ipgyeong Hyeongdo Seongheon Sojang Donmun Hyeonmu In-ui Hyomyeong the Great (체원찬화석극정명성헌영철예성연경융덕순공독휴홍경홍운성렬선광준상요흠순공우근탕정계천건통신훈숙모건대곤후광업영조장의창륜행건배녕기태수유희범창희입경형도성헌소장돈문현무인의효명대왕/體元贊化錫極定命聖憲英哲睿誠淵敬隆德純功篤休弘慶洪運盛烈宣光濬祥堯欽舜恭禹勤湯正啓天建通神勳肅謨乾大坤厚廣業永祚莊義彰倫行健配寧基泰垂裕熙範昌禧立經亨道成獻昭章敦文顯武仁懿孝明大王). In 1900, he was promoted into Posthumous Emperor by Korean Empire with the name of Emperor Munjo-Ikjong, Emperor Ik of Korean Empire (문조익황제/文祖翼皇帝).